The Bioscience Pharma Partners “team” includes four key, interrelated elements:

  • The Leadership Team actively oversees and directs all aspects of our multi-disciplinary drug development program
  • BPP’s Strategic Advisors are academic and industry visionaries whose role is to offer mainstream perspectives and innovative pathway guidance to the BPP Leadership Team, with the distinct goal of streamlining key processes and practices necessary to deliver – with great urgency – a safe and effective drug for use in patient populations for which there is no current therapeutic.
  • BPP’s Regulatory and Other Advisors guide BPP Leadership in the day-to-day processes of advancing our drug development program.Whether in regulatory initiatives, CMC matters or key preclinical and clinical studies and processes, these team members bring both exceptional organizational skills and well-tested practical experience to the refinement and execution of BPP’s drug development program.
  • BPP’s Legal Team provides key support and perspective for BPP Leadership in the Company’s various regulatory pursuits, its Intellectual Property perfection, protection and advancement initiatives, and its key corporate legal activities and obligations.