PHOENIX, AZ March 7, 2019 – Bioscience Pharma Partners, LLC (BPP) to attend Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit (NIDD) April 17-18, 2019 in Boston, MA

Built with thought-leaders at SanofiEisaiAbbVie and Denali, the inaugural NIDD Summit will share the field’s cutting-edge scientific advances enabling you to translate your neuroimmunology research into a clinically effective therapeutic for neurological diseases.


With an emphasis on neurodegeneration, chronic neuroinflammatory mechanisms will be explored whilst addressing your drug development challenges:

  • Discover robust biomarkers of neuroinflammation to enable successful translation and patient stratification
  • Navigate preclinical model limitations to better predict clinical efficacy
  • Explore the identification and validation of neuroimmunological targets and assess novel therapeutic approaches

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from 20+ industry expert speakers to effectively target neuroimmunological mechanisms and rapidly progress your research to the clinic.

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